Government of Ontario, Canada
School Business Support Branch

About the COSBO E & E Advisory Committee

The Ministry of Education has provided the Council of School Business Officials (COSBO) with $3 million dollars in funding since 2006 to study, develop and promote projects that would support effective and efficient utilization of financial and non-financial resources, and strengthen management capacity in the sector.

The E & E Advisory Committee has approved $1.7 M to support an extensive portfolio of projects, including:

  • Attendance Management Research
  • Broadband Connectivity Research
  • Employee Benefits Research
  • Green Schools Research
  • E-Funds for Cashless Schools
  • Professional Development Program in School Board Operations
  • Transportation Contracting practices
  • Transportation Single Legal Entity Resource Guide (PDF 513 KB)
  • Asset Management Workshop

The ministry continuously provide project management support and leadership for most E & E initiatives.