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Ontario Regulation 361/10

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Trustee Training Module on Internal Audit and The Role of Audit Committees

Audit Committees & Internal Audit Training (2015)

Audit Committee Induction Training

For an optimal learning experience, the reader should use both the PPT slides under the caption of ‘modules’ as well as the videotaped session materials.


The following videotaped sessions and PPT modules provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of Ontario school board audit committees and other topics that may interest Ontario district school board staff, trustees and community representatives. It should be noted that the modules presented do not include all information available to attendees of the sessions which is referred to from time to time. Users are cautioned against making decisions based on this material alone and should ensure that all information contained therein is still current and relevant.

(The information presented is current as at February 2011)


Videotaped Sessions

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