Government of Ontario, Canada
School Business Support Branch

About the Operational Review Refresh

Through the Operational Review process and other collaborative projects with the sector, Senior Business Officials (SBOs) and Directors of Education have noted the important role the Ministry plays in supporting school boards in building management capacity. Since the Operational Reviews, there have been many leadership changes in the sector, most notably among SBOs and Directors. To ensure continuous learning, leveraging of best practices and lessons learned, the Ministry is moving forward with an Operational Review Refresh initiative.

The Refresh initiative will encourage new SBOs and Directors of Education to reference their Operational Review findings to support operational management decisions and continuous improvement; identify new leading practices and strengthened expectations since their board’s Operational Review; and build awareness of the numerous tools that have been developed to support school boards.

The Ministry piloted this initiative in early October 2014 with the Greater Essex County District School Board and London District Catholic School Board.

Based on the pilots, important changes were made to the format and process:

  • A two-hour teleconference will be scheduled with the Director and SBO in boards where there has been a change in the senior management team since their Operational Review;
  • There will be no advance preparation required for school board staff;
  • Consultants from Deloitte Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, who conducted the original Operational Reviews, will lead the discussions with the boards;
  • The Refresh will focus on the board’s Operational Review findings and tools to support future planning in the following areas: human resource management, financial management, and capital planning and facilities management;
  • After the teleconference, a brief summary of the discussion will be provided to the board along with a list of available key tools and supports; and
  • There will not be any formal assessment completed or additional follow-up required from boards.

The Operational Review Refresh initiative will be conducted in two Waves during the 2014-15 school year.

Wave I will be completed by mid-March 2015. Wave II boards will be announced in early 2015 and completed by June 30, 2015.