Government of Ontario, Canada
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Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

The Ministry of Energy is responsible in ensuring that Ontario’s electricity system functions at the highest level of reliability and productivity. The Ministry of Energy is also focused on promoting ingenuity and innovation in the energy sector. By encouraging the development of new ideas and technologies, the Ministry is helping to make Ontario a world leader in the global energy market.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA)

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) contributes to the development of a reliable and sustainable electricity system for the benefit of Ontario customers. OPA plans for the long term, procures, and coordinates conservation and electricity supply from diverse resources.

The OPA is an active participant in many Ontario Energy Board proceedings about the development and evolution of the electricity sector in Ontario.

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for protecting clean and safe air, land and water to ensure healthy communities, ecological protection and sustainable development for present and future generations of Ontarians

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing administers the Ontario’s Building Code, which over the next few years will require increasing levels of energy efficiency for new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation. These requirements are part of the Government’s plan to create a greener Ontario and a culture of conservation.