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About Student Transportation Reforms

Student Transportation Reforms introduced in 2006 were one of the first sector-wide initiatives designed to support and strengthen the management capacity of boards. The reforms included:

  • The development of transportation consortia among coterminous school boards to eliminate duplication and leverage economics of scale; and
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency (E&E) Reviews of consortia to ensure that boards are implementing and adopting best practices.

Since the start of the reforms, transportation consortia and the ministry have worked cooperatively to modernize the sector and increase system effectiveness and efficiency. Positive outcomes of the reforms include:

  • Greater clarity on roles and responsibilities provided through consortium governance and policy manuals,
  • Transportation consortia taking the lead in developing leading practices that go above and beyond those identified through the E&E Reviews,
  • More effective use of data and routing technology to optimize solutions and achieve efficiencies; and
  • Improved contract and performance management and increased transparency in the use of public funds.

The sum of these changes and efforts made by transportation consortia has transformed student transportation into a more robust, collaborative, and effective sector.

Student Transportation Resources provides a list of resources developed over the course of the reforms to support consortia in their development and operations.