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May 2017

Audit Committees and Internal Audit Resources and Tools

  • A new one-page document was issued outlining the key activities the audit committee is required to undertake under Ontario Regulation 361/10, along with a suggested schedule for these activities.
  • The regional internal audit performance review guideline and tools are now available. The first performance review should be undertaken in September 2017, based on 2016-17 performance. The guideline and tools are available on the Internal Audit page.
  • The Regional Internal Audit Leading Practice Repository is now available for senior business officials, internal auditors and finance managers. Please refer to memorandum 2016: SB38 for details on how to access the repository.

2017-18 Grant for Student Needs (GSN)

Information on the 2017-18 GSN is now available. The total Student Transportation Grant is projected to be $919.6M in 2017-18. More information on education funding can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Education website.

Team Updates

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our branch:

  • Labiba Haque was most recently with the Benefits Transformation Branch at the Ministry of Finance. She has supported the transformation of income-based benefit programs through conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis, jurisdictional reviews, and internal and external stakeholder consultations. Labiba completed her Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Dalhousie University in Halifax and has a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Political Studies and Global Development from Queen’s University. Labiba is working with the School Board Business Operations Unit as a Senior Policy Coordinator. She will support the unit’s work on shared services jurisdictional scan and the Operational Review Refresh.

We are also pleased to announce changes in roles on the team:

  • Linda Lazda’s new role as Senior Policy Coordinator: Linda has been with the School Board Business Operations Unit for the past year. Linda continues to make significant contributions to the unit’s major files — attendance support, shared services and the Operational Review Refresh. In particular, Linda has led planning and outreach activities for internal stakeholder meetings and liaised with contacts from Canadian jurisdictions to support the unit’s research into shared services models.
  • Phoebe Lam’s new role as Senior Policy Coordinator: Phoebe has been with the School Board Business Operations Unit since September 2016. She has taken the lead on the shared services literature review and jurisdictional scan, as well as becoming the unit’s expert on qualitative analysis using NVivo. Recently, Phoebe has also been working on assisting with procurement projects and the research and analysis work on attendance support.

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